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The Data Center Powering the Super Bowl – Data Center Knowledge

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The Hub Commentary_

For the folks that know me best, they are snickering at how this pains me to write and not only post once, but twice about Texas Stadium.  My featured post on Friday was also about Texas Stadium and the Super Bowl and the Business Service Management opportunity facing those companies buying 30 second ads at $3M each.  I believe the might Pug stole the show!

I also included a link to this video about the data center powering Texas Stadium.   Check out this video In hindsight, Texas Stadium was geared for successful Business Service Management practices.  They were not just monitoring all the technology that powered the TV’s and point-of-sale (POS) devices around the stadium.  They were monitoring the inventory levels in the Pro Shops shifting inventory in real-time around the stadium.  They were monitoring the snack bars and offering real-time discounts around the stadium.

This was Business Service Management in action.  100,000 buyers captive for roughly 5 hours using technology to drive the highest revenue possible.  As much as it pains me, my hats off to the IT staff of Texas Stadium AND the gaunlet has been dropped on my beloved Colts and Lucas Oil Stadium for 2012!                        



As 100,000 fans pour into Cowboys Stadium Sunday for Super Bowl XLV, the fans will have little awareness that there’s a data center serving as the technological nerve center of the stadium. But the staff at CDW and HP and the Cowboys’ IT team know how vital the stadium’s IT infrastructure is in creating the “ultimate fan experience.”  (Read Full Article…)