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Watson’s Jeopardy Showdown-Man Vs. Machine – CIOInsight

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Hub Commentary

I’m putting my money on Watson!  After all the world’s most famous supercomputer runs on IBM’s high-performance, high-capacity Power servers and SUSE Linux Enterprise is the fastest operating system on POWER7.   Let’s see how it all comes out on Feb 14th!



An epic showdown of man vs. machine kicks off Feb. 14, 2011. That’s when “Watson ,” a computing system from IBM, will face off against “Jeopardy!” superstars Ken Jennings and Brad Rutter. Can an artificial intelligence-driven machine overcome championship-level human minds? With Watson, the key challenge isnt a command of statistics and factoids. Its a matter of programming a computing system that can pick up the subtle nuances of the game show.  (Read Full Article….)