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The Intelligent Management of Computing Workloads – Quocirca

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The Hub Commentary_

Business Service Management practices need to be baked into the workloads as they are configured and deployed just as you would instrument applications and hardware as it is deployed into production environments.  The difference in this situation is that the workloads are a bit more dynamic and potentially paid for with a subscription on outside infrastructure.  Management to decommission workloads is as important as deploying additional resources during peak periods to monitor costs appropriately.

Management practices are often the last applied when moving or changing services into production.  However, in order to be properly instrumented for monitoring and management, the management must be planned and implemented during the planning and configuring stage in order to properly test and move to production.

How intelligent are your workloads?



The rapid increase in the availability of on-demand IT infrastructure (infrastructure as a service/IaaS) gives IT departments the flexibility to cope with the ever-changing demands of the businesses they serve. In the future, the majority of larger businesses will be running hybrid IT platforms that rely on a mix of privately owned infrastructure plus that of service providers, while some small business will rely exclusively on on-demand IT services.  (Read Full Article…)