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ITIL Realities – NetworkWorld Podcast

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This week, Network World Senior Editor Denise Dubie chats with Michele Hudnall, director of service management at software vendor Managed Objects, about the realities of ITIL.  (Listen to the Podcast….)

Change Mgmt Tools Can Prevent Application Outages – NetworkWorld Podcast

Tags: Availability, Business Service Management, Change, NetworkWorld, Podcast

Gartner says 80% of downtime is due to human error and problems created by process, such as inadequate testing and unauthorized changes. And research from Managed Objects, a provider of business service management tools, shows many of these failures come from custom or home-grown applications. Network World’s Jason Meserve talks about the issue of application outages and what can be done to prevent them with Michele Hudnall (12:34)  (Listen to this Podcast…)