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COBOL to Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing Journal

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The Hub Commentary_

As an old COBOL, mainframe programmer, I still chuckle that the mainframe never did die as expected and I enjoy the commentary in this article about the processing power, thought in design and speed of the VSAM files over today’s relational databases and 4GL tools.  In those days, much time was spent on design for speed, use of space and read once for many output purposes.

As hardware and storage became cheaper and processing power increased, this attention to design has somewhat fallen out of fashion.  As the author describes, the portfolio and modernization must be evaluated as we have described in previous posts regarding the service, value and costs to the organization.  As a manager of a long time ago once told me, “Michele, just because you can re-write it, doesn’t always mean that is the right answer.”

The most interesting metrics as reported by Gartner in the article were that 60-80% of all business applications are mainframe COBOL and 90% of financial transactions are mainframe COBOL.  Astounding!



With the exception of very small organizations, migrating to the cloud is not a simple switch that can convert them from an ‘ in-house’ data center to Cloud.  Large enterprises have to modernize much of their applications to adapt to cloud,…..  (Read Full Article…)

COBOL Comes to the Cloud – CIO

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he Hub Commentary_

Ok, I know you are asking, Michele what does this have to do with BSM?  It’s one of those fun articles I just couldn’t pass on as an old COBOL programmer.  The previous news has been about driving innovation into the data center and focus on company growth, even COBOL is going to the Cloud!  I love it!

COBOL – To The Cloud!  A new marketing slogan born!



IDG News Service — Micro Focus has updated its developer platform for the Cobol programming language, adding the ability to run Cobol applications on Microsoft’s Azure cloud service.  (Read Full Article…)