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Global CIO: Why BMW Suddenly Loves Mobile Apps – InformationWeek

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IT spends >85% of its time just keeping the lights on.  Those who will lead their industries next year are realigning how IT works, taking advantage of automating tools and applying resources toward the development, deployment and operational support of new and innovative services for the customer.  Business service management practices have become the imperative this year rather than the “nice to have”.

Consumers are mobile, they expect connectivity, to interact with the their suppliers real-time, on-demand, from whatever device and where ever they may be.  The technologists that embrace the customer experience and drive automation into the routine, maintenance of IT will be the leaders of industry.

iPad2 was announced today.  Watch the video and how they think of the customer experience and something as simple as a cover to protect the device, but also functional in waking/sleeping the device, cleaning the screen and serving as a stand.  Customer experience is the name of the game and driving revenue.

How are you re-aligning your IT resources and growing revenue?

Check out this previous post and slide deck to see what it is costing you to not realign resources for good Business Service Management practices.



You, too, should probably be thinking about tying your products to the mobile Internet, even if you think $100 million is a bit rich to throw at this opportunity. (Read Full Article…)