Real World Examples

Integrating diverse IT systems: An interview with the CIO of Credit Suisse – McKinsey Quarterly
Tom Sanzone, CIO of Credit Suisse, says he was attracted to his position by senior management’s commitment to technology—a commitment demonstrated by his seat on the executive board of Credit Suisse. In that role, Sanzone helps shape the bank’s overall strategy, which is based on the opportunities that his technology organization has created.


2011 BSM Benchmark Survey
The survey, which was conducted in the first half of this year, measures the maturity of BSM initiatives industry-wide. The report provides unique insight into the working relationship between IT and their business counterparts, across departments and roles. It measures the effectiveness of IT service support and identifies the current use and planned adoption of ITIL v2 and v3.

Where IT Dollars are Headed in 2012
Mobility and wireless network infrastructures are the big takers when it comes to IT budget planning for 2012, our latest study reveals. Even so, organizations are moving to the next stage of the IT infrastructure build-out across multiple budget areas, and our 2012 IT Investment Patterns Study shows how the strategy trends of innovation, integration and reversion are having a significant impact on 2012 spending patterns.

How IT is Managing New Demands: McKinsey Global Survey Results – November 2010 – McKinsey Quarterly
In our fifth business technology survey, executives say they want more immediate value from IT and forward-looking strategies from technology leaders that support growth and innovation.


Rediscovering the Business Service Management Imperative Podcast with J.P. Garbani, Forrester VP and Principal Analyst
Listen to this lively discussion with Forrester’s Jean-Pierre Garbani and NetIQ’s Travis Greene and Michele Hudnall regarding the current business service management trends. The term business service management has been around >10 years with varying degrees of implementation success. Travis, Michele and J.P. Garbani explore failures, successes and future direction of IT organizations with the imperative to measure service performance of mission critical applications in the advent of cloud based services.

Cloud Chasers Podcast – Cloud, IT and Business Alignment
Sean Larner CEO of both l’arbre solutions and Broolz, chats with Michele Hudnall of Novell on how the cloud and new cloud-based vendors are impacting the business services landscape. They also explore the ways these new offerings are competing with internal IT to provide the business with the services.

Webinars & Slideshows

Data Center World September 2011 – Cloud Service Contracts Get Stormy
Michele Hudnall presented these slides at the September 2011 Data Center World conference.  This session covered  the topic covered in The Hub post, “Measuring Cloud Services with a Handshake or a Storm Cloud”.

Business Service Management Value & Benefits
Listen to this short 6 minute slide show and understand how you are losing 2% of revenue every year by focusing on just “keeping the lights on”. These slides illustrate the benefits of a business service management practice and the value you can drive by transforming from managing technologies to managing services.


2011 Consumerization of IT Study:  Closing the “Consumerization Gap”

The IDC iView provides insights on the results of two recent global surveys of iWorkers and businesses. The iWorker survey measured a variety of issues related to blending of devices (smartphones, laptops, iPads), social media (Twitter, Facebook) and business use. The business survey measured readiness of companies to meet the demand for ”IT Consumerization.” This report provides details on the fact that the consumerization of IT is accelerating and that IT departments are struggling to keep up. Overall, the research found that employees are moving much faster to adopt and use consumer technologies in the workplace than most IT departments are moving to support them. This large and growing “consumerization gap” is not only a threat to employee productivity and morale – it’s a growing threat to enterprises’ ability to compete in the marketplace. The iView report also offers actionable advice to businesses on steps they can take to address this trend.

EMA Radar for Business Service Management: Service Impact Q3 2010 – Enterprise Management Associates

This EMA Radar Report is designed to help IT organizations more effectively plan for the adoption of solutions that can help bring together a unified view of IT service performance as it impacts business outcomes. The very term, “Business Service Management” (BSM) is far from linear in meaning, and it’s safe to say that each of the fourteen vendors here represents a unique design point, each of which is relevant in its own way to supporting BSM requirements.

Reshaping IT Management for Turbulent Times – McKinsey Quarterly
Despite decades of increasingly intensive use of information across industries, IT has remained a black box for many executives. Too often, the link between spending and performance has been unclear, if not problematic. As a result, leaders felt that their only course of action was to hire a competent CIO, throw increasing amounts of money at IT, and hope for the best.


Linkedin Group: Business Service Management Hub
This group is for technology professionals seeking to meet others, share ideas and discussion on the topic of Business Service Management, complexity challenges and aligning IT to the business.