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When the customer has end-to-end visibility, and you don’t – Gartner

Posted on 03 April 2011

Do your customers have more visibility into your end-to-end management processes than you do? You’re probably not alone…Business Service Management

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Cisco gets cloud service portal with newScale purchase

Posted on 29 March 2011

With its purchase of software vendor newScale today, Cisco bought the ability to give customers a self-service portal environment that’s easy to deploy.

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Cloud CIO: 3 Private Cloud Use Case Scenarios – CIO

Posted on 24 March 2011

Bernard has put out a great piece for operations and development teams pragmatically discussing the development, implementation and operations of cloud projects. Development of new services is the fit for new technology, otherwise, it becomes disruptive and costly to the whole of the IT organization. Business service management practices help you weigh the costs and value.

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Forrester’s IT Forum 2011 Puts You In The Driver Seat – Forrester

Posted on 23 March 2011

While this is more of a post promoting a conference, I have had many conversations with co-workers of late while working on how we speak about Business Service Management and how do we break it down into simple speak and most of all why is it relevant.

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Cloud’s Next Benefit: Helping Companies Grow – Baseline

Posted on 22 March 2011

Accenture research indicates 40% of all cloud knowledgeable business will use the cloud to drive new revenue over the next 5 years. Smart IT executives are putting their business service management practices in place to support new services today.

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CIOs Should Know that IT Is IaaS – Cloud Computing Journal

Posted on 21 March 2011

I agree with Don and his summary of this topic as it hits the core of any business service management practice – it isn’t IT and then the Business, IT is the business.

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Analyst: ‘Enormous’ Regulatory Risk For AT&T/T-Mobile Deal – Forbes

Posted on 21 March 2011

The ebbs and flows of break-up and re-marry are alive and well in the Telecomm sector. While this is interesting in the telco industry, I hear you asking, “Michele, what does this has to do with Business Service Management?” It’s one sentence buried right in the middle of the article, lack of competition brings , fewer choices, higher prices and less innovation.

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IT in 2011: We’re Managing Information-Not Just Technology-CIOInsight

Posted on 16 March 2011

In the next 12 months the Corporate Executive Board predicts that one of the driving IT trends includes the end-to-end views of managing technology as business services. The complexity of the environment is turning business service management practices into an imperative versus a nice to have.

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Cloud Computing: A Sustaining or Disruptive Innovation? – CIO

Posted on 16 March 2011

The Hub Commentary_ Today, I might agree that Cloud is somewhat disruptive, but for the right vendors it will be sustaining.  The mere fact that Amazon led the charge to change the purchasing model indicates that there is a desire for change in the industry just as they changed online purchasing forever.  The conversation that […]

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March Madness vs Office Productivity – Baseline

Posted on 16 March 2011

All things in moderation yes…but I’m convinced a healthy dose of “March Madness” can actually give a boost to office and employee morale and reduce some workplace tension.

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Monitoring the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted on 14 March 2011

When the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan on Friday afternoon, it was a shocking and horrible event, yet many sophisticated monitoring systems kicked in. They couldn’t prevent the disaster, but in some instances they provided early warnings for others in harm’s way from the tsunami and data collected could help us better prepare for similar events in the future.

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Using Social Network Marketing in an IT Transformation – ITSM Portal

Posted on 14 March 2011

Social media marketing to your customers is a no brainer and makes sense. Use within the organization becomes sticky as the article points out regarding broadcasting to the external world, internal projects. So what is the answer to leveraging this real-time communication trend within the organization?

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Don’t Run IT as a Business-Run it as Part of the Business-IT Skeptic

Posted on 13 March 2011

The IT Skeptic has an interesting post regardi ng service levels, running IT as a business, business service management practices. I’ll cut to the chase on my views on these topics: internal IT SLAs are meaningless when after the fact reporting the score, IT is not a business and IT is not a profit center.

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Raising performance by reducing IT complexity: An interview with TalkTalk’s CIO – McKinsey

Posted on 11 March 2011

Nice article to take heed to as we ebb and flow with new technology. A doesn’t pass that I don’t read an article regarding bringing the mobile devices to the workplace and expecting support as an example. Business service management practices have to govern the cost and business value of doing so or we end up spending more to support without a business value.

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5 Questions to Help Recenter IT Design on the Business – CIO

Posted on 10 March 2011

Business service management practices have always known business and technology are one and not ‘and’ one to another. Designing services above the silos based upon desired business outcomes is absolutely the right approach, I wholeheartedly agree with Randy’s assessment and this has been at the heart of all business service management projects and practices.

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5 Reasons Why CIOs Can’t Ignore Consumerization of IT – CIO

Posted on 09 March 2011

Consumer technology trends will always push that of the internal IT organizations. The next generation of workforce I think of as the “me generation”. Where is the business service management practice and service value?

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8 IT Cliches That Must Go – CIO

Posted on 07 March 2011

This is a great article and the biggest cliche of them all that I would add to include, “Align IT to the Business”. Do we say, align sales to the business or align investment banking to the business or align claims processing to the business or distribution of product to the business? Why is IT different? IT is the power of the business, they are not separate.

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How to Present The IT Story – CIOInsight

Posted on 07 March 2011

I’ve worked with many IT organizations on telling the story and building the case for IT automation in terms of the business story and support of a business service management practice.

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4 Reasons Why Apple and Its IPad Still Rule the Tablet Market – CIO

Posted on 03 March 2011

The survey says 7% of IT buyers plan to buy iPad Tablets in Q1 2011 not as a replacement to laptops, but more experimental. Business service management practices will help you define value from new technologies.

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iPad, iPhone Changing Role of IT – CIO Insight

Posted on 03 March 2011

iPad Friday I think. As I discussed in the previous post, the cost and value for business purpose will have to be weighed before mass deployment takes over.

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