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Thinking About Early Warnings

Posted on 24 March 2011

What if you could use monitoring tools to prevent outages before they happened?

Tags: BSM, Business Service Management, IT, Monitoring, Prevention

VMware brings virtual machine monitoring to iPad

Posted on 21 March 2011

VMware brings monitoring to the iPad with a new app that lets IT pros monitor their servers and virtual machines from an iPad app.

Tags: AppStore, BSM, Business Service Management, iPad, Monitoring, VMware, VMware vSphere, Windows Intune

CIOs Need to Make Mobile-Social-Cloud Fit

Posted on 21 March 2011

Rather than fighting the growing trends of mobile, social and the cloud; find a way to make it work for you using systems you already have in place whenever possible.

Tags: Business Service Management, Cloud, Enterprise IT, IT, Mobile, Social, Trends

Understanding the Different Levels of Cloud Computing

Posted on 16 March 2011

In order to understand the impact of cloud computing on your organization, you need to understand the different types of cloud computing and how each one could affect your ability to monitor these services for your organization.

Tags: Business Service Management, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS

Monitoring the Internet in Japan After The Disaster

Posted on 15 March 2011

At a time when it’s a crucial communications channel, remarkably Japan’s internet backbone continues to operate in spite of the conditions on the ground.

Tags: Disasters, Internet, Japan, Keynote Systems, Monitoring

Monitoring the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Posted on 14 March 2011

When the earthquake and tsunami devastated Japan on Friday afternoon, it was a shocking and horrible event, yet many sophisticated monitoring systems kicked in. They couldn’t prevent the disaster, but in some instances they provided early warnings for others in harm’s way from the tsunami and data collected could help us better prepare for similar events in the future.

Tags: BSM, Disasters, Monitoring

Cost Transparency is a Two-way Street

Posted on 13 March 2011

It’s easy to think that cost transparency benefits users more than IT, but both sides benefit when costs are laid out in a clear way.

Tags: Business Service Management, Costs, IT, Private Cloud, Service Model

Too Many Systems, Not Enough Vision

Posted on 10 March 2011

As your computing environment grows increasingly heterogeneous, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage. Business Service Management can help.

Tags: BSM, Business Service Management, Cloud Computing, Enterprise IT, IT Funding Signals Change in Enterprise IT

Posted on 06 March 2011

When got a $48 boost from venture capitalists, it might have signaled that enterprise software is about change in a big way.

Tags:, BSM, Business Service Management, Cloud, collaboration, Enterprise IT

Microsoft Shows Off Cloud Monitor Prototype at CeBIT

Posted on 04 March 2011

Microsoft was showing off a cloud monitoring tool created using Silverlight during the CeBIT conference last week.

Tags: BSM, Business, Business Service Management, Cloud Computing, Microsoft, Microsoft Windows, Personal computer, Servers, Windows Intune

Microsoft Intune Moves Monitoring to the Mainstream

Posted on 03 March 2011

Microsoft Windows Intune, a new cloud- and web-based PC monitoring tool is helping bring Business Service Management concepts into the mainstream.

Tags: BSM, Business, Business Service Management, Cloud Computing, Microsoft, Microsoft Security Essentials, Microsoft Windows, Personal computer, Windows Intune

BSM could help resolve VDI network challenges

Posted on 24 February 2011

VDI provides lots of advantages for IT, but when used in combination with BSM, it can give you the full view of the network and underlying services to keep things running smoothly across the network.

Tags: BSM, Business Service Management, Enterprise IT, Monitoring, Networking, VDI

Is The Future of IT in BSM?

Posted on 19 February 2011

After a week of bad news about IT jobs, it might not be an exaggeration to suggest that future of IT could lie in monitoring using Business Service Management (BSM).

Tags: BSM, Business Service Management, Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, IT, VDI

Your Service Costs What?! Justifying Internal Chargebacks

Posted on 17 February 2011

One of the advantages of private cloud computing is the ability to charge back for exactly the levels of service used, but your internal customers are so going to want some assurances and proof that your system is operating at full capacity.

Tags: Business Service Management, Chargebacks, Cloud, Monitoring, Private Cloud, Utility Computing

Outages Can Wreak Havoc on Productivity

Posted on 16 February 2011

When you’re staring at network monitoring equipment all day, it’s easy to forget that there are real people behind those lights who depend on these services to get their jobs done. When services go down, even for a little while, it can have a major impact on productivity.

Tags: Availability, Business Service Management, Gmail, Intuit, IT, Monitoring, Networking, Outages, Skype

Cloud Control: Staying on top of a Hybrid Cloud

Posted on 15 February 2011

As your company establishes both public and private cloud services, it’s going to be more crucial that you have ways to monitor this hybrid cloud because if something goes wrong, end users won’t care about the source of the service — only that it’s not working.

Tags: Cloud, Hybrid Cloud, Monitoring, Private Cloud, Public Cloud