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Posted on 05 May 2011

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This is a topic I lean a little less toward IT driving than I do marketing as a technology to reach customers and prospects.  Most social media tools are external to an organization and not really something I believe IT should own and more the realm of the marketeers to use to reach out to their customers and prospects.

Now as a rogue marketeer in my own organization, I will say that there are a couple of tools and items that some technical assistance would be nice.  This comes in the forms of blogs and websites you might use in your social media strategy.  It is true, as a rogue, you can set-up your own blog and website hosted by others with a mild amount of technical expertise, however, I’m sure there are others who could have moved me faster.

The other item I’ll mention is that when these rogue efforts happen, who owns the domain, who keeps it going after the employee leaves, etc.?  These are items where the IT organization could come in handy to negotiate contracts, insure domains are with the company, etc.

I believe the social media strategy is a marketing strategy, however, I do believe there is a supporting role where IT should be involved and with Service Managers in place marrying IT and business objectives, this could be well managed.

How does your IT organization work with Marketing on Social Media, customer outreach?



Social technology is coming into every organization whether IT wants it or not. The adoption of social technologies to support business and customer needs has been fastest outside of IT — often with IT playing catch-up and struggling to provide value. CIOs are at a crossroads where they can either choose to lead IT toward social business maturity or sit back and watch as the rest of the organization pushes ahead, leaving IT in social business obscurity. The choice is easy, but the execution is difficult.  (Read Full Article…)

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  • Hi Michele – thanks for your comments. I sometimes try to draw a distinction between “social media” which is often viewed as customer-facing social and “social technology” which is more all-encompassing and includes internal social technologies. It seems that many people are first exposed to social technologies within an enterprise setting either internally or externally – that is to say our initial perspective is skewed by our experience. I agree marketing should “own” social for customer facing social engagement. However, there is a greater need for enterprises to develop a social business strategy that extends beyond customer-facing social technologies to include employee-facing social technologies and even vendor-partner collaboration tools. In the context of developing a social business strategy IT has a very important role to play as one of the few disciplines that touches all parts of the organization (unlike marketing). That said, I don’t believe IT or marketing should own social business strategy – instead I see this as an enterprise opportunity that must be “owned” by the executive team.