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Posted on 24 March 2011

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Bernard has put out a great piece for operations and development teams pragmatically discussing the development, implementation and operations of cloud projects.  Development of new services is the fit for new technology, otherwise, it becomes disruptive and costly to the whole of the IT organization.  Goes to that old addage, “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should”.

Business service management practices help you to weigh the cost and value and most importantly, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Until an existing service outlives it’s usefulness or becomes a costly support burden, these services are not suitable targets for cloud infrastructures.

The three use cases are accurate and eye openers for the operations folks.  The time for push-back is over and it is time we work to become agile organizations.  In this case, Platform and Infrastructure-as-a-Service providers exist and are easily accessible with a credit card.  This is an expensive bypass, but the options exist and the crafty developers will most definitely go around operations to develop new services.  Then the time comes as Bernard points out, when the service needs to go into production and the infrastructure isn’t there and operations is not able to monitor, manage and support the new service taking more of a black eye.

The one thing 2011 has is an abundance of sourcing options and is the year we work toward common business goals and put the management systems in place that will help us to achieve these goals.

How agile is your operations team?



Organizations looking to deploy private clouds must understand where they’re headed. A development cloud is an appropriate start, but consider these three scenarios for how use of your cloud will evolve — for better or for worse….. (Read Full Article…)

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