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Cloud Computing: IT as Commodity – InfoWorld

Posted on 01 February 2011

As the writer mentions, a lot of ink has covered cloud computing – I might suggest a lot of that ink has been about the commoditization of IT. As I posted yesterday with the 2×2 grid of service classification, most of what falls into the Cost quadrant are services that could be considered commodity. Applying business service management practices and taking a top down view as my friend Siki suggests in the article, is the first step in identifying services, where they should run and how they should be managed for that end-to-end view as she also mentions.

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The Intelligent Management of Computing Workloads – Quocirca

Posted on 01 February 2011

Business Service Management practices need to be baked into the workloads as they are configured and deployed just as you would instrument applications and hardware as it is deployed into production environments. The difference in this situation is that the workloads are a bit more dynamic and potentially paid for with a subscription on outside infrastructure. Management to decommission workloads is as important as deploying additional resources during peak periods to monitor costs appropriately.

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